Intermediate English Grammar Multiple Choice Test 10


Intermediate English Grammar Test 10

1. “What do you want for supper?”
“_____ , I don’t mind.”

2. Help yourself to food. You can have _____ you want.

3. Were they _____ the car?

4. “Where were you at 2:00?”
“_____ Sally’s house doing my homework.”

5. Before you go on holiday, you should _____ sure that the doors and
windows are shut and locked.

6. Can I have _____ to drink?

7. It was Sunday, and the town was deserted. _____ was in the streets,
and _____ was open.

8. “Where were you at 2:00?”
“_____ the beach.”

9. _____ money, not war!

10. _____ will tell you that two and two is four.

11. Come and see me _____ you want. I don’t mind.

12. She left the room without saying _____.

13. Your face looks terribly familiar. Haven’t I seen you _____ before?

14. “Who was at the party?” “_____: Pete, Ann, James, Kathy, all the
Smiths, Sally Beams and Sally Rogers.”

15. I felt so embarrassed. _____ was laughing at me.

16. “Where were you at 2:00?” “_____ a cave.”

17. Then I realized where they were. They were _____ my favorite

18. Can we go _____ quiet?

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The average score is 89%


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