Intermediate English Grammar Multiple Choice Test 8


Intermediate English Grammar Test 8

1. Children in my country _____ go to school when they’re 7.

2. First she said “Yes”, then she said “No”, but in the end she _____ up
her mind to marry him.

3. Ssh! You mustn’t _____ a noise. The baby’s asleep.

4. Adults _____ go to school.

5. When you’re not sure what to do, the best thing is to _____ nothing,

6. A retired person_____ go to work.

7. Women _____ vote in England until 1922.

8. The doctor says I _____ walk again in two weeks’ time.

9. I love driving! _____ drive has changed my whole life.

10. I’m sorry, but I _____ come to your party next week.

11. We asked to see the manager and we _____ a complaint about the
terrible service in the restaurant.

12. You _____ drive on the right in Britain.

13. “Where do you want to go on holiday?”
“_____ hot. I don’t care if it’s Greece, Spain, Italy or Sahara, but it

14. I’m learning Spanish because I want _____ speak when I’m in

15. My teacher says I must work harder, but I can’t work any harder. I’m
_____ my best.

16. Is there a public call box near here? I have to _____ a phone call.

17. Teenagers _____ study for exams.

18. Every adult _____ go to work.

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