Upper-intermediate English Grammar Test 10

1. My chest hurts ______ I breathe.

2. Although we hear about terrible air crashes, flying is still the ______
way to travel. It is much ______ than walking down the road!

3. A Volvo is expensive. A Mercedes is very much more expensive,
but a Rolls Royce is ______.

4. The height of Mt Vesuvius is about 1200 m and that of Mt Blanc is
4800 m. Mt Blanc is the ______ of the two mountains. Its height is
about ______ of Mt Vesuvius

5. Annie ______ lives in London. She moved to Bristol.

6. The audience ______ listening to a Beethoven symphony.

7. Neither of these roads ______ to the airport.

8. The toes of her shoes are open. She always wears open ______ shoes.

9. A: Shall I write the recipe?
B: Yes, please. I need a ______ recipe.

10. A: Who told you they were moving?
B: They told me ______.

11. Neither of the footballers ______ well.

12. I’ve got ______ a lot to do today. I’m really busy.

13. I’ve made _____ many mistakes in this letter. I think I’ll type it again.

14. I didn’t buy the sweater because it wasn’t ______.

15. The ______ of the forest will result in the ____ of many animal species.

16. Neither of us ______ hungry.

17. We didn’t have much money, so we stayed at a/an ______ hotel.

18. A: Will you boil the potatoes?
B: Yes. I like ______ potatoes.

Your score is

The average score is 94%


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