Advanced English Grammar Test 5

1. By the way, Clive ______ (paid a short visit) but you were out.
So I told him to come and see you tomorrow.

2. By the way, Bill, how much did that Regency desk go ______ in
the auction on Saturday?

3. Shall I ______ (collect) you on my way to work?

4. By the way, I’ve just heard that Sally and Chris have ______ their

5. Don’t eat that cheese – it’s ______!

6. While they were on holiday their house was broken ______ and
some valuable paintings were stolen.

7. A sudden draught caused the candle to ______ (stop burning).

8. I’m afraid Mr Brown’s been ______ (asked to go somewhere
else) on business.

9. It’s difficult to see through this windscreen – I can’t even make
______ where the road is.

10. I’ve been afraid of dogs ever since a large Canine ______ me
when I was a child.

11. A bomb ______ (exploded) in the town center, killing three people
and injuring twenty-five others.

12. A: And another thing I’d like to say is that…
B: Sorry to ______, Mr. Green, but you’re wanted on the phone.
It’s your wife.

13. A: The new boss looks a bit serious, doesn’t he? I don’t think I’m
going to like him.
B: Oh, come on, Joyce, you can’t go ______ appearances. He’s
probably very nice.

14. I was just getting out of the bath when the lights ______.

15. The dog went ______ the beggar and he shouted “ help!”.

16. He had such a strong accent that it was very difficult to ______
what he was saying.

17. After a bitter discussion they went ______ each other.

18. No one really believed it when the news came that Titanic had

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