Advanced English Grammar Test 6

1. Lucille is ______ a difficult period at work right now.

2. When a fire ______ at least ten priceless paintings were
completely destroyed.

3. My boss has ______ playing golf three afternoons a week.

4. I’ll have to ______ now, I’m afraid; there is someone at the door.

5. Have a piece of cake, everyone. There should be enough to ______.

6. Children usually ______ after an illness much more quickly than

7. Are you sure you aren’t holding your stomach ______, Charles?
Your waist was two inches more than this the last time I measured

8. It’s really windy today, so ______ your hat!

9. I took the doctor’s prescription to the chemist’s to be ______.

10. The police are still looking for the three prisoners who ______
(escaped from) jail at the weekend.

11. Now, James, are you quite sure that I’m not putting you ______
(putting you to any trouble)?

12. By the way, Sally, I’m ______ one or two friends ______ on
Saturday and I was wondering if you and Peter would like to
come too?

13. The tree prisoners who ______ jail last weekend have finally
been recaptured.

14. When the meeting had finished, they went ______ the plan once

15. I’m not surprised that Tom and Julie have ______. They were
never really suited.

16. Would you ______ a minute please, I’ll try to connect you.

17. Could you hand ______ a minute? I’ll be right back.

18. I know you’ve got it – so come on, ______!

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