Advanced English Grammar Test 7

1. I’ve just heard that John Parker – you remember who robbed a
house a few years ago- is being ______ this weekend.

2. Keep ______ alcohol and don’t smoke.

3. I ______ the paper for news of the proposed strike, but didn’t
find anything.

4. I’d like to ______ the house before I decide to rent it.

5. ______ ! (Be careful) There is a car coming!

6. If you don’t know what the word means, you’d better ______ in
the dictionary.

7. This nuclear power station let ______ a cloud of dangerous gases.

8. John won’t be arriving until later, I’m afraid. His train’s been

9. I hope help comes soon, Julie. I don’t think we can ______ much

10. I’m sorry I’m late. I was ______ in the traffic.

11. He kept ______ trying to annoy me and in the end I just hit him.

12. The dog let ______ a yowl of pain when accidentally stepped on
its tail.

13. If you want to make a good impression ,it’s important to ______
your colleagues.

14. As the doctor arrived to attend to the girl who had fainted, the
crowd moved to one side to ______.

15. The children had great fun ______ fireworks.

16. Instead of being sent to prison, The shoplifter was ______ with a

17. In some parks visitors are requested to keep ______ the grass.

18. Our living room looks ______ the mountains.

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