Advanced English Grammar Test 8

1. Before we start the meeting today I’d like to ______ (distribute)
some notes I’ve made about the forthcoming advertising campaign.

2. I was ______ (moving towards) the post office when it suddenly
started to rain.

3. How is the new book coming ______, (progressing) Simon?

4. Some working parents ______ being absent all day by giving
their children lots of presents.

5. The policeman told the people to ______ when they stopped to
watch the accident.

6. Heidi and John had a big quarrel but later ______.

7. The other day I came ______ an advert for a job you might be
interested in.

8. Although she was only sixteen she looked a lot older. In fact, she
could easily pass ______ twenty-one.

9. Can you make ______ this prescription, please?

10. I must get a new pair of boots. I’ve ______ my old ones.

11. How did you come ______ that cut on your chin?

12. I don’t believe a word you’re saying. I think you’ve made the
whole thing ______.

13. Looking carefully, we made ______ a tall figure in the darkness.

14. We must ______ our minds about where to go for our holidays
this year.

15. After working all day in the garden Homer was ______.

16. Was that true or did you ______?

17. We ______ from the hotel early the following morning.

18. He stole one of the officers’ uniforms and managed to escape by
passing himself ______ as a guard.

Your score is

The average score is 52%


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