Pre-intermediate English Grammar Test 7

1. While I _____ this morning, I _____ my money. I don’t know how.

2. I _____ hello to the children, but they didn’t say anything because
they _____ television.

3. A: Did you buy _____ at the shops?
B: No,_____. I didn’t have any money.”

4. We played tennis _____ two hours.

5. What _____ at 8.00 last night?

6. A: Ouch! There’s _____ in my eye!
B: Let me look. No, I can’t see _____.

7. But when I _____ up the phone, there was no one there.

8. I worked on a farm _____ the holidays.

9. Why aren’t there _____ magazines?

10. I _____ to get up this morning. It _____ and it was cold, and my bed
was so warm.

11. _____ Saturday evening we went out to a concert.

12. I _____ a very good program on TV last night.

13. While I _____ to work this morning I _____ an old friend.

14. The shop hasn’t got _____ washing powder.

15. I don’t know _____ students in this class. Because I am a newcomer.

16. I _____ to the news on the radio when the phone _____.

17. Have you got _____ homework?

18. It was a great party. _____ loved it.

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