Intermediate English Grammar Test 9

1. I was _____ a queue waiting to buy some bread.

2. We have some lovely new neighbors; we’ve already _____ friends
with them.

3. I looked _____ all the shelves and _____ all the cupboards.

4. Would you like _____ to eat?

5. I like to keep fit, so I _____ exercises every day.

6. If you need _____, just ask.

7. I asked if _____ wanted an ice-cream, but _____ did, so I just bought
one for myself.

8. At first I found learning English very easy, but now I don’t think I’m
_____ any progress at all.

9. I have never been _____ more beautiful than Scotland.

10. I have _____ more to say to you. Goodbye!

11. Had I left them _____ work?

12. Could you _____ me a favor please? Could you give me a lift to the

13. ‘Does _____ want a game of tennis?’

14. They certainly weren’t _____ the table or _____ the floor.

15. My uncle died without _____ a will, and it was very difficult for our
family to sort out his money and possessions.

16. This doesn’t look a very nice restaurant. Can we go _____ else?

17. Did _____ phone me while I was out?

18. What’s that smell? Can you smell _____ burning?

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