Upper-intermediate English Grammar Test 6

1. The soup tastes ______.

2. ______ physical fitness can help you live longer, feel healthier and
cope with ______ life’s problems.

3. A: There is someone at the door.
B: ______ it is, I don’t want to see them.

4. Neither Colin nor Digby ______ there.

5. The ______ discovery of penicillin by Fleming in 1928 made the
effective treatment of many bacterial diseases possible.

6. Fleming discovered penicillin ______.

7. The couple in the flat upstairs are making ______ unpopular by
shouting ______ at the top of their voices every night.

8. She expresses ______ very clearly, though sometimes she doesn’t
remember______ the right word.

9. It wasn’t as clear ______ today.

10. We’d booked the table for eight, and we got there fifteen minutes

11. We haven’t enjoyed ______ so much for years.

12. They say that ______ Turkish language is particularly difficult for
______ Europeans.

13. She turned this way and that, admiring ______ in the mirror.

14. Do you think that I could learn ______ Japanese ______ way ______
Japanese speak it?

15. Of the two toys, the child chose ______ .

16. The food looked perfectly ______ to me.

17. I have two boys, but ______ of them likes pop music.

18. The poor ______ unable to look after themselves.

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