Upper-intermediate English Grammar Test 9

1. It is very difficult to drive in ______.

2. Nobody ______ objecting to the decision to closedown the factory.

3. The nurse is very ______. She spoke ______.

4. ______ way is acceptable.

5. There was ______ anyone could do to help.

6. I don’t want to stay here ______.

7. Neither of them ______ interested in history.

8. They were all strangers to me. I’d met______ of them before.

9. I suppose he wanted to get home as ______ as ______.

10. He works so hard that there are ______ minutes in the day when
he’s not busy doing something.

11. Heart disease remains the ______ of diseases. It killed about 750,000
Americans last year, almost 40 percent of all ______.

12. The weather changed ______. There was an ______ change in the weather.

13. The migration of the ducks was due to the ______ of colder weather.

14. Larry is a friendly person. He meets new people ______ he goes.

15. Her condition improved ______. There was a ______ improvement in her condition.

16. It seemed ______ that we would ______ have a crash.

17. Poor people from rural areas are migrating to the cities to find work
and _____ the circles of slum housing in many suburbs are growing

18. Since the old lady’s husband died, she’s been living ______.

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