Advanced English Grammar Test 10

1. I’m pretty tired so if you don’t mind, I’ll ______ for the night.

2. We look ______ to receiving a prompt reply to our letter.

3. Before you go to bed don’t forget to ______ all the lights.

4. I think she’s coming ______! Thank God for that! I thought she
was dead!

5. In court, she was so upset that she broke ______.

6. I’d ask you to marry me but I’m sure you’d turn me ______.

7. A: I thought you said you weren’t going to let Sally go to that pop
concert in Brighton.
B: Yes, but you know Sally – she always finds a way to get ______
me in the end.

8. Birthdays seem to ______ much quicker nowadays than when I
was a child.

9. I think I’ll have to sell my car. It keeps ______.

10. You look very unhappy, Dorris. What’s the matter? Is something
getting you ______?

11. It was a very difficult problem – one which no one could see a way
of ______.

12. It took him a long time to come ______ our way of thinking.

13. He was going to reply her letter, but for various reasons he never
got ______ it.

14. Sorry I’m late but I was ______ by traffic.

15. I’ll ______ in my car on the way to work.

16. They ______ us just because we’re poor.

17. I can hardly hear that radio. Could you ______ (increase/raise)
the volume please.

18. My wife ______ a squirrel on her way to work this morning.

Your score is

The average score is 78%


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